Project Development

In addition to our own sustainable and green activities, we also manage your energy project from A to Z. It is important to get the right guidance at the right time. Enovos Green Power fulfills that role throughout the entire process with pleasure.

One of the most important and most accessible project forms is solar panels. We mainly focus on project developers, companies with available ground and roofs, energy cooperatives, people with an extensive network, owners/tenants of buildings,…

Do you belong to this category? Then discover in 5 simple steps how your project will be achieved:

  1. Free analysis

Do you have a roof surface of at least 3,000 m²? Or a ground surface of at least 5,000 m²?

Good. Our experts will drop by without obligations for a first analysis. You will receive a message from us within a few days. Afterwards we will inform you about the possibilities.

You don’t have the necessary surface yourself, but you do have an extensive network? Please contact us. A collaboration is always negotiable.

  1. Acquaintance

Good cooperation is based on mutual trust. That is why we find it important to get to know each other. During our visit we take the necessary time to discuss everything in detail.

  1. Free detailed analysis

We are already halfway!

In this phase we draw up a financial plan with the fixed intended return and a compensation or saving (according to your wishes).

  1. Financial proposal

The project is already starting to develop. Time for a financial proposal and a draft of the letter of intent.

Don’t you like unilateral agreements? We neither! We go for an open dialogue to achieve a positive cooperation. Mutual trust, remember … ?

  1. Signature of the letter of intent

After signing the letter of intent, the development can start. Even in the final phase you continue, as owner or end user, to have a say in the project. This while Enovos Green Power takes care of all the costs and risks.

Because we take control of the whole process you can continue to concentrate on your main activities. And that while your company maintains a positive and green image.

Make sure you check our references. You will find some beautiful examples of successful and sustainable projects.


Enjoy the SDE subsidy in the Netherlands thanks to Enovos Green Power

SDE stands for Stimulation Sustainable Energy and only applies to Dutch energy projects.

An investment in solar panels does not only provide clean and green energy. The Dutch state also rewards us for it. That’s logic, because it contributes to a clean and sustainable society. And we are less dependent on fossil fuels.

Enovos Green Power ensures a complete and responsible SDE application. Where the chance of approval and successful execution is twice as big.

Once the entire file is complete, we submit an application to the RVO (Civil service for Enterprising Netherlands). This authority checks the completeness of each application. From permit and financing to feasibility.

You notice it already. A proper preparation of your application is essential. Fortunately Enovos Green Power is aware of every phase of your project. From start-up and installation to return and financing. Our applications are therefore always detailed and prepared to the last detail.

Website of RVO